APEM joins IDEC groupIDEC proudly announces its acquisition of MMI Technologies,
the holding company of the APEM Group in March 2017.
By leveraging the strengths of two companies, IDEC group
will continue to grow even more powerful than ever before.
APEM joins IDEC group

Invisible Bubbles, Big Possibilities.Ultrafine Bubble Generation Technology Ultrafine Bubble

Offering the best solutionsWe offer products integrated with HMI technology,
which IDEC has refined for decades.
They are ergonomically designed,
easy to use, and reflect our relentless quest for
the highest level of safety.
Products & Services

Global NetworkAiming to be a leading group in the evolving
world wide control equipment industry
Global Network

InnovationOur new home base for optimizing manufacturing for the future.
A big step toward IDEC's 100th anniversary.

The construction of the new IDEC headquarters/technology center
was completed in March 2013, combining R&D and manufacturing
divisions under one roof.

  • APEM joins IDEC group
  • Ultrafine Bubble Generation Technology
  • Offering the best solutions
  • Global Network
  • Innovation