Who is the Administrative Assistant?

This is something completely different.

She called me up from Tokyo.

The college granted him a scholarship.

I'll visit you sometime in the near future.


I think you've had enough candy for one day.

She was sick in bed yesterday.

He married his daughter to a rich man.

There was great rejoicing over the arrival, and the Prince sprang forward to meet them, and taking the waiting-maid for his bride, he lifted her down from her horse and led her upstairs to the royal chamber.

Saify is still very traumatized by what happened.

A cacophony is a mix of loud sounds.

Louiqa never talks about his childhood.

We haven't even started.

How am I doing so far?

Elwood has been sick since last Monday.

Yumi has many books.

The port is filled with vessels of all kinds.

He probably likes you.

I don't think you're as good of a driver as you say you are.

Rik keeps forgetting things.

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Every good restaurant has vegetarian options.


Klaus is too honest a boy to tell a lie.

If you want to send a Christmas parcel to Australia, you should post it now.

What does it taste like?

It all happened kind of fast.

Sonny asked if I wanted to go to a movie with him.

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It's time to make up your mind.

You look full of the joys of spring today. Why are you smiling all the time?

Don't make me blush.

What woke you up?

The plan backfired.


Isabelle moved away from the window.

In terms of the number of employees, this is the largest of all industries.

He ate a piece of the pie.

He has broad shoulders.

You don't have much, do you?

Don't worry much. It'll be OK.

Tahsin saw his name written on the blackboard.

Ravindranath tried to adjust the temperature of the shower.

He's just not that into you.


I know this must be very difficult for you.

We broke our journey at Tokyo.

Do you have a dictionary with you?

The pain came back last spring.

It is true that he is good at playing golf.


Today, we have to sleep outdoors.

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Can anyone recommend me a good monolingual German dictionary?

I know why you don't want to talk. I don't want to talk with you, either.

This one is as good as that one.

I cannot see the advantage of doing that.

Occasionally there are earthquakes in South Carolina.

The problem is we don't know who Erik is.

We walk to school together.


Sedat is in your class, isn't he?

In both appearance and personality, Terrance is exactly like his father.

Kenn is a tall boy.

I'll check.

I haven't seen Del in days.

The war wasted the country.

He is a promising youth.

Maybe you should just fire him.

We were hurt.

Don't forget to send the letter.

Have you already been to the Korean Peninsula?

That's what he said.

We're not trying to impress them.

Raymond is very reluctant to go.

Dwayne has gone insane.

My head is full of words for you.

David didn't tell me much about it.

You look different than your picture.

They said they hadn't seen anyone.

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Roy gave me some good advice.

I'm really tired and want to go to bed early.

She speaks German and French, not to mention English.

Take the battery off the machine.

Why don't you ask Sharan what he thinks happened?

Face life with a smile!

I don't want her.

I think we have an old picture of you and Eddie somewhere.

I don't really understand the problem.

I never ask for this.

I'm ready to forgive him.

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Spike forgot to ask Casper what he had planned to ask her.


At which hostel did you spend the night?

AIDS can be stopped only if every person decides to take action against it.

China's developing too quickly.

Do you think this is some kind of game?

Forecasting is the way of saying what will happen and then explaining why it didn't.


However, maybe from the sudden change in pressure when you put them, having your ears pop is a problem.

She does it fast.

Russia rejected both demands.

I'll get fired if they find out.

Nobody knew.

Seymour says he wants to travel around the world.

Will wiped his forehead.

This paragraph is well written, but there is a mistake in the last sentence.

Ben is a little defensive.

Romain has done nothing all week but complain about Bill's cooking.

Dan wanted to live in Mexico.

There were two red hats on this table two hours ago.

Jaguars are eating your brother.

What a beautiful sunset.

Stewart solved that problem.

I'm fixing it up.

His speech was too short.

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There are some very strange things going on here.

Venkata is practicing piano.

I'm glad you made it home in one piece.

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I can't get anybody to tell me anything.

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I don't understand. Why do you hang out with her all the time?

She didn't clean the dishes.

I hope I can find someone who will help us.


He holds the rank of colonel.


There might be a problem with Rich.

The eye is sensitive to light.

She was agitated by the news of her lover's death.

Guido bought a camera for Marlena.

I get on well with all my workmates.

We reached an agreement at the end of the meeting.

"Life is a joint venture", both said and decided to marry.

It was painful to watch.

I can't help you because I don't understand French.

They continued eating.

They're not talking.

It doesn't exist.

Trent has been living alone since Bernard died.

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It's just a rumor.

What did you think of the show?

How did you know Clarence was coming here?

Narendra has a thing for you.

Can't you see it's bigger than the both of us?

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Nobody saw her steal the book.

Give him another chance.

How are you feeling this morning?


Hsi told me that he was sick.


You're really not much fun at parties, are you?

Is that all you have to say?

We're in store for a recession.

I hate it when he does that.

Most of us know that.

Please tell me what I should do.

Naren asked Loren to lend him some money.

Raman lived in Boston until he died.

There is enough room for us to play.

I am not from India.

We finally found the key.

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No less than fifty thousand people visited there.

I just wanted to give you this.

Can I stay at your house? I don't have a place to go.


I'm going to town.

Be natural.

It is so quiet you can hear the clock tick behind the wall.

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He cut a brilliant figure.

I must go to the office.

Long live the USSR!

As soon as there is any talk of paying, he cools down.

Do you have a garage?

Please use British English in your text.

He is quite in the wrong.

I fell in love with her the moment I met her.

I gave them a chance.

If you were able to go camping with us, I think we'd all have fun.

You're making a stupid mistake.


Get me another doctor.

You knew all along that I can't do it.

She was asking for it.

You'll have to go back to jail for your previous crimes.

We'll have to wait and see.

Having put his room in order, he went out.

I'll see if I can find a cab.

While getting off the bus, she heard her name called.

I'm not at liberty to discuss it.