It's eight a.m. right now.

Are you alone right now?

I gave my seat to the old lady.

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Saiid easily guessed Scot's password.


But always pleasure is accompanied by pain.


I don't think it's incurable.

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The lifetime of a butterfly is three days.


Detective Dan Anderson took Linda in for questioning.


Harold gave Sir a little more time.

Russell wore a pale blue dress.

Vincenzo hated Jeanette, but not as much as she hated him.

If he should come here, I will let you know at once.

You had your chance.

Get into the car.

I'd like to try doing this by myself.

Jerome now realizes he said the wrong thing.

Damon gave John some of his clothes.

Molly is a priest.

Nancy is from London.

I'll tell Everett to contact you.

Danielle is taking a day off.


Johann is fairly old, isn't he?

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Clem has been there before.

Susanne took his children to the zoo.

He teaches maths as well as English.

Where's the list?

Jan lit the stove.


Have you ever missed a plane?


Which kind of music do you like?


Joseph can say "I love you" in fifteen languages.

He thinks that his success is due to luck.

Real says he's never owned car.


You've given me nothing to believe in.

It was the biggest mistake of my life.

The newspapers gave a lot of space to the affair.

The meaning of this letter is unclear.

We need to get you to a hospital.

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Laurie couldn't decide where to eat.

I heard that Brent is learning how to drive.

I'm in the other ambulance!

I don't think it's anybody's fault.

I wanted to hit him, but he ran away from me.

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That car doesn't boost my self-confidence.

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Do you have any employees who speak French?

He has no less than two thousand yen with him.

The ancient Romans founded colonies throughout Europe.

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The readers of that book think themselves sophisticated.

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She helped the old man across the street.

The senator favors a policy that would leave me and thousands of my peers without a job.

The police arrested two men.

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I know that you are up to some trick.


She waved her hand to me.

You ought to have seen the exhibition.

It then became apparent that he had answered off the top of his head.

Click on the button to confirm your order.

I'd like to visit Boston someday.

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The boat was approaching the English Channel.

What makes you so sure that Siegurd will be here tomorrow?

Why didn't you bring your wife to the party?

What's this flower called?

The shooting victim is alive, but just barely.

I never touched her.

It is a pity that some people starve to death even in the midst of plenty.


She doesn't pay attention to others; in other words, she is selfish.

She sheared a ewe.

Vincent doesn't often wear a suit.

Tell the taxi driver to drive faster.

Everybody loves him.

You should make a toast.

He became a policeman.

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Tell everybody.


That is the highest mountain in the world.


Detective Dan Anderson returned to Linda's house armed with a search warrant.


I can't give her these.

Mountains look better viewed from a distance.

Bees help plants spread their pollen.

You look good today.

Our stock prices have gone down 30%.

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Scientists are knowledge seekers. They are inquisitive, seeking answers to known questions and finding many more questions.

Ramesh felt dizzy from the heat.

All the roads leading into the city are full of cars.

Can you think of any examples?

Tobias hates dancing.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand.

Why do we exist?

I really loved Amigo.

I guess Gabriel will be all right.


We can help you find her.

Tell us everything you know about Marsha.

Would you please get some rest?


It is a good idea to plan your route before you leave.

We received their wedding announcement.

We just don't know the answer to that.

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He remained at the top of the class at school.


I know Nguyen's hiding something, but I don't know what.

Josh has his arm in a cast.

Robbin broke into Jerrie's apartment.

How am I supposed to compete with that?

Carol has a nose for the best Thai cooking anywhere in town.

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He is superior to her in math.


No matter what you do, Shyam will never agree.

Jingbai pulled three bills out of his wallet.

I hate to wait.

Mohammad is just trying to make ends meets.

He is able to speak Japanese.

Leith finds it hard to sit through a movie without going to sleep.

When did Bea get back from Boston?


The league originally referred to the distance a person or a horse could walk in an hour.

I'd like to ask you something.

The resemblance is uncanny.

Ilya isn't wearing his glasses.

Don't they take care of the dog?

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I'm considered a traitor to this country.

What would you like us to do?

Your point may be a little off target, but it certainly is close.


I'm really not up on recent TV shows.

This is the first time I've ever fed Ken's dog.

I will write Judy a letter.


You probably don't like Mitchell.


Did it hurt?

I was at a loss as to how I could lay my hands on the money.

Compared to our house, his is virtually a palace.

I don't have the power to finish the work alone.

"Four pounds fifty," says Bob.

You will be shocked to hear this.

Richard began climbing the ladder.

Families and companies across America are improving the energy efficiency of their homes and businesses with help from ENERGY STAR in ways that cost less and help the environment

I'm sick of this hand-to-mouth existence.

We must stick together.

What passes for leisure in our society is actually time-consuming.

He named his puppy Pooch.

I hear you've been hanging around with Pratt.

Would you like to be rich?

Aha, Bancus, I thought that the boat for carrying you were in fact sail-powered.

What did Lee say this is?

Meehan died in 2009.

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Jeffie called me very late last night.

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It turned out that he had long been dead.

My grandpa was an avid collector of stamps.

I did what I liked.

He knows how to advise people.

Let me tell you this. No one succeeded without making an effort.

I think Bruce can be trusted.

Doug is a good sort.


Why did I hate to write essays?


He enjoys horseback riding.

I just wanted to warn you.

It's obviously fake.

Call 1-800-828-6322 for a free brochure.


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He asked for my advice.

Mohammad told me he was planning to retire next year.

Let's split the bill.

We've never seen one like this before.

In the middle of the test, my stomach started making noises (Growl), I was embarrassed.

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He seems to live in harmony with all his friends.